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Health and Safety

Dychem are industry leaders in providing a full and factual Health & Safety information service ensuring the safe use of our products.

Four Unique Health & Safety Factors

  1. Product Labelling System which exceeds the requirements of U.K. and E.E.C. regulations including a subsidiary label for use on sprayers, buckets or other in use containers.

  2. Product Safety Data Sheets containing active chemical components, storage, spillage, fire, personal protection and first aid management data, are automatically provided to every purchaser.

  3. Emergency Information on every Dychem product is available to the medical profession and other emergency services 24 hours a day from the National Poisons Information Service.

  4. Health and Safety Seminars are regularly conducted by dychem for customer delegates and others concerned with the storage, handling and use of hazardous chemical substances in work environments.

Every Dychem product is warranted safe for its intended specified uses. Only Dychem backs its products with this unique and complete Health & Safety information service, at no additional cost to you.