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Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health

To Spill Can Kill

10 Golden Rules

  1. Be sure you can read all labels and follow instructions for use. Read COSHH information supplied.

  2. Use protective clothing provided.

  3. Do not mix chemicals. Mixing chemicals can kill.

  4. Never put chemicals into unmarked containers always use the sub labels provided.

  5. Never put chemicals into bottles or containers with other uses, i.e. eating and drinking

  6. Be sure you know the first aid treatment required if you accidentally spill chemicals on yourself or others. Read the COSHH information supplied.

  7. All chemicals must be stored safely

  8. Report any faulty equipment, spillage or damaged containers to your supervisor.

  9. Always follow the rules. Develop safe working practices around the workplace.

  10. If you fond anything wrong report it to your supervisor.

This information is available to download as a poster in Adobe PDF format. To view the poster click here. To download the poster, click your right mouse button over this link and select the option 'save target as..." from the resulting menu. Then select a directory and filename on your computer to save the poster.

To obtain a free copy of the Adobe PDF reader please visit www.adobe.com and download the Acrobat Reader.